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sales. >> starting next week, cal state will begin offering on-line courses for students. the first program is being offered at cal state fullerton for business and ministration. it is for students who have already completed some college courses but are unable to attend campus. >> applications and have been except for a master's degrees at cal state monterey bay this year, a bachelor degree applications at csu east bay. a more formation, you log on to tell state on line dot net. >> and reminder to watch dr. phil this morning after the kron 4 morning news at 10:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m.. >> 4:54 0:00. >> is cold this morning around the bay area. today and tomorrow morning we have a freeze warning in effect for the interior valleys. the weather will a nice and mild as we head into next week with highs getting back into the mid fifties. all in all not bad. erica will give a complete breakdown of what we can expect an unwise and a little bit. >> a star who is been seeing lately more on the big screen to be getting back to his roots. >> show it lelby lin more on hollywood minute. >> justin timb
know you think cal ripken, junior is the most over rated player in baseball history? >> wait, wait, wait, excuse me? how dare you? >> i am not finished, ma'am. so given that what do you think of the decision not to elect anyone this year? >> i am conflicted over it because i know that there are a lot of fantastic players who have taken steroids and done the doping thing. they are probably slipping by. but i do like the message it sends and i think it is about time we hold these guys accountable and especially the ones who get up there. roger clemens -- i never did anything -- look, you mow, it is what it is. >> i think they knew no one was getting in and that's why today they say they are having a random test of hgh. i think it was one plan. >> that is not a bad point? >> bonds, clemens, they are just the ones that got caught. >> completely. >> cal ripken never would have. >> stop giving to contracts to those who are cheating and then the others won't cheat. >> it is nice that frank thomas will go into the hall as of next year. >> bill, as a white sox fan you know frank thomas most
and cal state system. they will each get an additional $250 million. that's a 5% increase. now, it is less than what the university's actually asked for but the governor says he will urge the uc regents and the csu governing board not to raise tuition but he cannot make any guarantees. so we'll just have to see on those tuition hikes. while we have seen billions in cuts to state services, do not expect those to return anytime soon. the governor says, this is not the time to start spending wildly since we're just getting a handle on the budget. as for pressure to spend from the legislature, the governor says he is going to use all his charm to make sure that doesn't happen at least not this year. live in the newsroom, grace lee, cbs 5. >>> seeing one of our mates in the middle of the school just like get jumped like that. >> violence spilling on school grounds. how a group of gang members made their way onto campus to target a high school student. >> the suspected thief's big mistake. how he was tricked into selling a stolen bike back to the o
in los gatos or beverly hills or piedmont so we recognize that. >> reporter: the uc and cal state systems will get a 5% boost. $250million extra each. that's less than they asked for so tuition hikes are still a possibility. but the governor says that he will urge the universities not to raise student fees but says he needs to put the brakes on california's free spending. >> the governor on a machine is when the machine tries to exceed a certain speed, the governor then depresses the speed. so that's the metaphor for 2013. >> reporter: he loves that metaphor. now, the most interesting proposal is that new education formula. if you break it down, it looks like it means more money to poor urban areas and less to suburban districts. now, we spoke with a school board president from the san mateo union high school district and he said in looking at the formula it could cost his school district $4 million next year and for a $90 million budget it could be significant. i'm grace lee, cbs 5. >>> new at 6:00 bridge officials had always planned on addin
preparatorias californianas... take vo ....podran solicitar en internet las becas "cal- grants" para asisitir a la universidad. ---los soÑadores que sean aceptados, comenzaran a recibir la ayuda financiera a partir del proximo otoÑo. ---se cree que cerca de unos 30 mil jovenes soliciten la ayuda estatal que seria de unos 12 mil dolares anuales para sus colegiaturas. stop open blanca ---se vuelve a registrar otra balacera en un plantel escolar; en esta ocasion aqui en california. take vo ---un estudiante fue herido de bala en la preparatoria del poblado de "taft", una comunidad cerca a la ciudad de bakersfield. ----segun la policia, un estudiante de 16 aÑos, entro armado con una escopeta a un salon de clases y disparo contra la victima y otro alumno, pero err el segundo tiro. ---un maestro, que tambien resulto levemente herido, logro que el sospechoso entregara su arma y se rindiera a las autoridades. ---el estudiante herido se encuentra en condicion grave. take vo ---las familias de 2 de las 7 victimas de un tiroteo en la universidad "oiko's" en oakland han presentado demandas contra la es
the first overcrossing in the cal trend parking lot and no problem on the upper deck. >> live from the kgo center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, january 11. thanks for starting your day with us. there is a slight difference in color on the forry -- for the ferry building. it was orange and now it is more reddish. why? >> is there a big game? the 49ers playoff against packers tomorrow? everyone has niners spirit? the bay lights installation being tested you can see the lights on the bay bridge western span looking different with the l.e.d. lights. >> thanks for being with us. i i am eric thomas. mike nicco in. >> some of live doppler 7 hd is setting the stage here, no need to worry about wet weather, you can see the radar returns are light so they are blue and over the ocean. we have right now clear conditions but it is brisk. because of that we have freezing temperatures and the possibility of a frost and freeze warning. you can see the different colors. with the darker colors, we have the north bay and east bay valleys that is the freeze warning with the hard
. but the big one in california may affect the entire state. cal tech seismologist, kate hutton says new evidence, indicates the san andreas could slip top to bottom. >> there would be heavy damage in both northern and southern california. so you know northern california could not come to southern california's aid and vice versa. >> two of asia's quakes, taiwan in 1999. japan in 2011 are shaking up the buffer zone theory. the creeping zones there were active t. >> some of the parts where the rupture was the strongest. strongest offset were actually places that were thought to be creeping. >> cal tech and japanese researchers just published their findings giving emergency responders in california something new to kiconsider. the question how does that apply to california. >> where the beg oig one may be bigger than expected. seismologists in california will take a close look at research and the creeping zone on the fault. reporting live, treasure island. bay area news. >> a good chance the super bowl will soon be coming to santa clara. here's the rub. santa clara must decide if it wants t
. now, he is out of prison altogether. thoughts from a man who was spared a life sentence thanks to cal voters. >>> and it's the art project a lot of people are looking forward to. tonight, a very small sneak preview. >>> tonight we start with what you're talking about. how cold it is outside right now. roberta gonzalez is here to tell us about it. let's get to t we have a bit of a wind. that's adding a windchill factor in tonight's forecast, 43 in livermore. san fransisco at 46. factor in the wind it feels like it's the 30s outside. tonight most of the bay area dipping down to near freezing or even below. coldest location will be livermore at 27 degrees. got to go back to january 3rd to find that kind of temperature. otherwise just about freezing around the peninsula. you see these red highlighted areas, that's where there is a freeze warning that goes into effect in a matter of hours from now, 2 a.m. tomorrow morning to 8 a.m. when many of you are heading out the door for your morning rush. the blue area is the frost advisory which encompasses most of the bay area. we'll talk about th
in fairfield, lower 40s for santa rosa and napa, 47 degrees, san francisco. cal stocka, and cataluma, 41. >> look at these numbers, upper 20s, santa rosa, mid 20s are in napa, santa ros -- san jose and san francisco in the upper 30s. >> set up on the settle light, showers this morning. big temperatures drop overnight, 20s and 30s as cold air filters in to nosh california. into the weekend -- northern california. >> a few extra clouds generated first thing saturday morning, but once again, saturday morning might be a little warmer than tomorrow. very cold with some front and sun cloud mix. here's our forecast model. 9:00 tomorrow, some showers. basically out to hour west and saturday morning, clouds partly -- partly cloudy. forecast tomorrow, very cold start, cool in the afternoon, upper 40s to lower 50s. san jose 53, and san mateyo 52. >> partly cloudy skies should be dry. cold on saturday morning. a few extra clouds by sunday. back to you. >>> the 2013 silicone valley is now underway in san jose. hundreds of cars, cross overs are -- display. visitors can sit behind the newest models. th
- dollars. cal-trans believes the investment is important for everyone's safety. but bill dodd, chair of the bay area toll authority, is unsure about where all the money to cover the cost is coming from. he says. quote - "since the requested amount is so much greater than the budgeted amount, we feel it is appropriate to investigate further, so that our toll payers' money is well spent." the bay area toll authority's full board will have the final approval next month. and the new bay bridge is expected to open labor day weekend. >> pam: a recently published report, may change what we know about certain earthquake fault lines, and how they could produce stronger earthquakes then once thought. however, as kron 4's scott rates show us, not all scientists agree with the study in national news. a high school student in central california is accused of shooting at a couple of his classmates today. deputies say, the boy targeted students he felt had bullied him. >> they are precariously balanced >> pam: a high-school student in central california is accused of targeting his students. they sa
have been found. >> cal-trans and the c-h-p are asking for 31-million dollars to install a network of security cameras on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the bay area toll authority had originally alloted 8- million dollars for the system. experts say the bridge needs the system because it's viewed as a potential terrorist target. much like the golden gate bridge. >> the bay area is in for another night of freezing temperatures. this is video today of snow dusting the peak at mount hamilton in the south bay. from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news.. how cold will it get? jacqueline bennett is back with another look at the forecast. >> jacqueline: catherine, that system from yesterday still cross some cold temperatures. the shower activity is on the coastal area. that is how it could stay and temperatures in the 40's. 40's through daly city, fairfield, vallejo. it is getting drier and that is going to mean that cold conditions, overnight. there is one that thing and that is the wind speed. it is dying down a bit with 18 mph, 17 in concord. the wind speed is not going
. this is a scene from the polytechnic the tick cal school where they would take the disappeared. emanuel for the americas. we are inside the basement of the polytechnic and i'm admiring the bone is thattedose that your heal bone makes in the sunlight in the palms of my hand in my mind. when you come to my bed your hands and breath is sweet and we can love like this for hours. i can find christ in your body. this too must be constructed and killed bike on television with pain and blood that's beautiful like a red refer. you made me into a woman and i surend erred into it a man-made into a woman and returned. but you don't want to my bed this is the metal cloth you are chained to in the polytechnic. and i do we do it slowly with timed extensions of christ, his face removed and his penis removed the maggets and the wounds the teeth and hair weeks before he is your christ in the black pit with you. each day becomes eternity of days the sun never sets or rises the light bulb on a wire as i burn you 117 times with my cigarettes while the other guards have gone out for a meal beef stake tomatoe
serves as the executive director of the interface council, reverend mr. joseph bryant, pastor of cal vory hill and the chairperson of the rainbow push coalition of this region, mr. mayor, ladies and gentlemen, i rise to present the keynote person to speak for this press conference. i think i could best get at the task by doing what i did in elementary school. my teacher called on us invablable to do what they call "show and tell". you don't talk about anything unless you could first show something. it was back in september when i had the privilege of being a delegate at the democratic national convention, and on that monday preceding the convention african-american faith leaders gathered at the historic friendship baptist church of charlotte north carolina. the guest speaker was dr. calvin bust, pastor of the great absiddian church of new york where he succeeded his father as pastor and was the first black from new york to serve in the u.s. congress, and got over 67 bills passed through congress including title seven, head start, national student loan program, but that preacher dr. b
through 12 and the community colleges will get an extra $3 billion. medi-cal gets an extra $350 million. and a billion goes into the rainy day fund. >> it is best to maintain a very solid budget. and a good reserve. otherwise, we'll get hit and we'll go back into the boom and bust, borrow and spend. and that's what that is. i'm determined to avoid the fiscal mess that the last few governors had to deal with. >> yeah. he balanced it. the governor says it wouldn't have been possible to do this without steep cuts and the new prop 30 taxes that voters approved. the bad news is california still has a mountain of debt after borrowing during the down years. >>> one san jose man is going to save taxpayers more than a half million. he was supposed to spend the next eleven years behind bars. tonight, kiet do says he's a free man, thanks to california voters. >> i was there at 2:30 waiting for him in the morning. >> reporter: he's one of the first ones out, under california's three strikes law. >> it's real. i can actually feel him and it's real, you
's not but he is such an icon. >> he is one of the great baltimore icons up there with cal ripken and i am excited to see him. >> reporter: and you've gathered fans talking about ray lewis. they are going to do the dance. come on. get that music pumped. [ music ] ♪ so hot in here ♪ >> ♪ &. [ music ] >> reporter: tough give it to them. come on the pep rally is going on 4:30 to 7 this morning at haney's corner deli. this is your what you are missing. free donuts and coffee. they will provide -- be more around town will provide them for anyone coming in. >> you like that. >> i like it. >> all right. so if you are not heading to denver the cheerleaders and poe will get you pumped up here with the purple caravan. theyth it start at 6:45 at house -- it starts at 6:45 atand at each spot you have a chance to win prizes. the final stop is 9:15 tonight. we have posted the entire caravan schedule at our website at >>> here at abc2 beer ex-- 2abc2 we are excited about the ravens run. we ever we have a one hour special airing at 7. destination denver. kelly swoope will be live with
to one clough lo cal classroom war teacher is combining the great talents for a great cause. >>> bpa three leters that can scare any parents. what to look for to keep toxic products out of your children's hands. >> heavy rain, flooding and one area of the country is seeing it all including a twister all caught on camera. >> wow. all right. well, i am meteorologist mike masco. 36 degrees on the chilly side. 60s into the weekend. full forecast coming up. >> reporter: there are no delayson 695 south of burnie highway but there's serious crash that shut down route 97. i will have the details coming up on good morning maryland. >> it's 8 minutes after the hour. a live look at times square as we head that way for a check of the day's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a warning for anyone running java security experts say disable the software because a problem has just been detected that allows hackers to attack some computers. one expert says it is a mess. another says it's like open season on consumers. >>> and apple is knocking down reports it's planning a cheaper verse of t
agencies and cal-ema and fema and others providing resources post disaster so thank you. >> thank you very much. that was very informative. thank you. i would like to ask now john boseman to come join me who is the government affairs manager for boma and the mayor mentioned it early ye today. i think john has a one minute film he's going to show and he's also going to be -- as you know in each of the agenda's we ask a community partner to come up and do a brief presentation so we know what they're up to so john i turn it over to you. >> thank you. i appreciate it. happy friday afternoon. it's an honor to be here with so many distinguished city leaders. i am humbled and admiral thank you for your good work. it's an honor to be in the same room. who knows what this is? good. that sames me time. i'm here to talk about the importance of this room and building and the good work that we do, the building managers and downtown rises in downtown san francisco. i can't stress enough how our members feel the value this room brings to them and when the giants wins and the parade goes down mo
of course. santa cruz mountains early this morning cal-trans covering the pavement with a layer of sand. freezing weather makes black ice invisible threat. >> no traction and can't steer and brake and you go where energy takes you. >>reporter: very dangerous. plants need protection, too. especially citrus and tropica tropicals. nursery workers at orchard supply say watering and breathable fabric add a layer of protection. special product but even burlap works if you haven't had that around the house or towels even. >> mountains of southern california are still getting snow. video this evening of interstate 5. grapevine look at the pictures. closed this morning because of snow. and closed again now because of snow as well. more weather coverage in a little bit but let's move on to other news. first time in years california is actually set to end next year with a little bit of money in the bank if you can believe it. governor brown unveiled new spending plan today and how he wants to spend that money is welcome news for education certainly. annette has more now from sacramento
in compton and richmond is not like growing up in beverly hills or piedmont. >>> cal state university system will begin its online program. each of the campuses will focus on different specialties. the first program will be offered through cal state fullerton in orange county. you can sign up or get more information by going to >>> penn calls national monument is the newest national park the new designation is expected to boost tourism as well as business for the park minute calls gets its name from the rock formations left over from a volcano. >>> no problem on 280. it has been a pretty good drive throughout the san francisco area. no problems at the toll plaza. we are gets a little bit more of a crowd trying to get into san francisco. this mornings commute looks good on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge across from the peninsula. highway 1 off if a decent start. 5:49 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. another cold friday. could be colder. we have a north breeze out there. that is holding most temps up. not all but most. another system coming right on down. yesterda
. >>> the cal state university system starts it's online program next week. each campus will focus on different areas, the first will be offered by cal state fullerton. monterey bay is also taking part. it's already taking applications for master's degrees in information technology, instructional science and technology and management. you can sign up or get more information by going to cal state >> just about an hour from right now a campus protest planned by angry students, teachers and staff members at city college of san francisco will begin. they are angry about the administration's response to the crisis that may force the college to close. this week city college asked for an extension much of the deadline. the board has warn fire department the school fails to show improvement it may be shut down. >>> that exotic pet found guarding a marijuana stash has died. his name was mr. teeth and you can see why. a 16 year old caimen. it was found next to $100,000 worth of pot. mr. teeth was in critical condition when it was taken to the oakland zoo. it died several hours later. meant
in livermore, abc 7 news. >>> all right allen thank you. look at the road conditions in the sierra from the cal-trans camera. interstate 80 near truckee. chains not required right now but conditions of course can change at any moment so if heading to the sierra perhaps for the weekend make sure you are prepared. >>> snow has also been falling in southern california. this advertise i-5 over the grapevine between bakersfield an los angeles. the route has been closed off and on all day long right now it is shut down. >> another concern that we have mentioned. plants if you don't want them to wither and die and you don't they need to be covered with some type of cloth material. anything but plasti plastic. lay plastic over the cloth for more protection. now get current temperatures any time on abc 7 we also have a new street level interactive map where you can get the temperatures right there in your check it out when you have tim time. >> following breaks news out of fremont. look for live picture from party court. police tell us 48-year-old man shot and killed
. look at the road conditions in the sierra from the cal-trans camera. interstate 80 near truckee. chains not required right now but conditions of course can change at any moment so if heading to the sierra perhaps for the weekend make sure you are prepared. >>> snow has also been falling thcalifornia. this advertise i-5 over the grapevine between bakersfield an los angeles. the route has been closed off and on all day long right now it is shut down. >> another concern that we have mentioned. plants if you don't want them to wither and die and you don't they need to be covered with some type of cloth material. anything but plasti plastic. lay plastic over the cloth for more protection. now get current temperatures any time on abc 7 we also have a new street level interactive map where you can get the temperatures right there in your out when you have you have tim time. >> following breaks news out of fremont. look for live picture from party court. police tell us 48-year-old man shot and killed inside a house here. 27-year-old man has surrendere
sobornado cal director de antropologÍa con 50 mil dÓlares >>> vamos ahora con el tiempo. >>> con temperatura abajo de los 60°, siguen nublados, presencia de lloviznas ligeras pero sobre todo otro sistema que viene del norte esta este frente frÍo que sigue trayendo el viento y are frÍo arrastra humedad que se traduce si tiene planes para el fin de semana posibilidad de bhu vÍa en la regiÓn frÍo por la noche, color azul indica heladas que se han presentado y que van a continuar en la madrugada vamos a ver mÁxima como fueron hoy alcanzando stockton 51°, napa en 53, la bahÍa en 51 palo alto, san josÉ, son las mÁxima de hoy, no hizo nada de calor se mantuvo fres co y por la noche igual con estos nublados.>>> viene el fin de semana y cambios a partir de sÁbado, entra el segundo sistema que trae lluvias en 40% maÑana viernes despejado frÍo pero las condiciones de lluvia en la regiÓn para el domingo en las primeras horas si tiene planes, sÁbado y domingo, las posibilidades de lluvia estÁn con nosotros, mismas condiciones para oakland a partir del lunes y martes despejado aunque es f
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tehran cal. it happened in france and spain and italy and japan. >> the reason we cannot remove the weapons is because the threat of your own government turning on you? >> yes. it is because they are counter bailing rights and responsibilities. >> you made your position you made your point crystal clear. people are not stupid. they can make up their own minds. an amazing young man survived a deadly school shooting and wants to tell the people of newtown. he tells his story, next. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and
the big winner. k-12 and community colleges will get an extra $3 billion. medi-cal will get an extra $350 million. a billion will go into the rainy day fund. brown says the key now is to hold the line on spending. >> what i think is compassionate, what is good for the state of california, and what we can maintain over time instead of just enjoying a momentary high and then having the hangover many years later. >> bad news here. california still has a mountain of debt to pay back after borrowing money during those down years. >>> we're learning san jose will not meet its deadline for finding a new police chief. the city had wanted to pick a finalist before current chief chris moore retired next week but cbs 5 found that on thursday, the city is extending its search. a san jose spokesman says there are some strong candidates, but the city is not ready to make a move. >>> next week, four fire stations will shut down over in contra costa county. the stations are in martinez, walnut creek, clayton and lafayette. the remote clayton station will remain
. schools are the big winners. k-12 and community colleges get an extra $3 billion. medi-cal gets an extra $350 billion and a billion will go into the rainy day fund. the key is to hold the line now on spending, governor brown says. >> what i think is compassionate, what is good for the state of california, and what we can maintain over time instead of just enjoying a momentary high and then having the hangover many years later. >> the bad news, california still has a mountain of debt to pay back after back after borrowing during the down years. >>> boeing 787 dreamliner has had a turbulent week. the faa ordered a review of the aircraft. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec at the airport where the aircraft is scheduled to land in san jose this morning. >> reporter: good morning. these new concerns about the 787 could mar the celebration here. as of now, this nonstop flight to tokyo still scheduled to leave here from san jose at 11:45 a.m. this is the first boeing 787 dreamliner aircraft to fly from the bay area. it's run by all nippon airways from jap
, i think that's moved up based on redistricting. why didn't you vote for it? >> on the if is cal cliff? >> yes, on the -- >> the bill we just passed? >> yes, the band-aid bill. >> well, first off it was a made for tv drama, we shouldn't have been there in the first place, but you know, my big stumbling block was in that bill, there was a turning off of the sequester. the sequester are the automatic across the board cuts passed in august of 2011 in order to pass the last debt ceiling bill. and apparently people thought it was okay to turn that off going into this year, but unfortunately it's turned off for two months and we're right back about in the soup with another debt ceiling deal. how are we ever going to get out of this conundrum if we don't at some point start paying the money we promised to pay. >> you just said something. how are we going to get out of this conundrum. according to an op-ed by mr. stephen moore, the president doesn't believe there's a problem. do you believe that the material in that op-ed is correct? do you think in your opinion that the government belie
a graduation. >> starting next week cal state will be offering on- line courses for students. it is actually for students of ari completed some college courses but are now on able to attend a college campus. this'll be a >> travel it looks like it is moving priests will be right now, we will be right back. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its itnew grw t tat ing inen drink nnkew lip ln and you y'll bel urprured ed how gre gat you ♪♪ ♪ i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its itnew grw t tat ing inen drink nnkew lip ln and you y'll bel urprured ed how gre gat you ♪♪ ♪ >> walnut creek is probably a pretty good place to find cold weather on? >> yes. it is clear but we do not have any problems with visibility
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